Carnie Cap - Box of 50 Rebar #5 - #18

Carnie Cap - Box of 50 Rebar #5 - #18
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Item Number: CC-200WA
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Detailed Description

Carnie Caps - Unique Rebar Caps (#5-#18)

These uniquely designed rebar caps will hold a 2x4 or 2x6 suspended above a line of rebar. They eliminate the need for workers to cap each rebar in a line. The lumber acts as the actual protection from impalement and they can be used in horizontal, vertical and incline applications. The caps are Cal-OSHA compliant, Maine OSHA compliant and National OSHA compliant. Carnie caps are 90% biodegradeable and 100% recyclable.

Carnie Cap Details:

  • 2" x 6" Fits Rebar #5 - #18
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  • During wet and colder months, keeping newly poured concrete covered and heated is a major concern.  The Carnie Cap Rebar system enables contractors to more effectively use concrete blankets by utilizing the limber as a protective support and keeping the exopensive blankets from becoming ripped or torn. Contractors can work faster, easier, safer and more cost effectively.

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