BollardFlex Flexible Bollard Post - 32" H

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BollardFlex Flexible Bollard Post - 32" H

Flexible Bollard Post - BollardFlex 32" BollardFlex provides a little give and flexibility when hit by a car. They are perfect for parking places or building corners to provide a little more protection. They have 360 degrees of flexibility. Their flexible system includes a 1-5/8 steel-pipe underneath a7” bollard cover. The bollard cover is attached to the pipe to maintain its rigidity visibility. It is available in different color options.

  • Flexible Bollard Details: Available in a Variety of Colors.
  • Reflective tape available in a variety of colors.
  • Size: 32” x 7” Polyethylene Bollard with 3M Reflective Tape.
  • Base: 9.5” square 7 Gauge Standard Steel Base Plate.
  • Post: Steel 1-5/8” Round Galvanized Post.
  • Ideal for Vehicle Lane Markers & Helps Guide Traffic Safely.
  • Use in Place of Parking Blocks & Reduce Liability.
  • Impact Resistant with 360ฐof Flexibility.
  • Delineates when Hit at Speeds. Eliminates Replacement Costs & Damage to Parking Lot Surface.
  • Protects Vehicle from Unnecessary Damage.