42" High Round Concrete Wrap

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Item Number: CW0244-KIT
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Detailed Description

Concrete Wrap™ adds a durable layer of protection around your existing round concrete columns, protecting both your column and vehicles from collision damage. Concrete Wrap™ increases the visibility of the column to help avoid collisions altogether. Formed from a 2" (50mm) layer of polyurethane foam with a protective EVA shell.

Concrete Wrap is available in a standard width of 44" (1118mm). A single sheet will cover a 10" (250mm) diameter post. A pair of sheets will cover a 24" (610mm) diameter post. For larger posts simply add sheets; for smaller posts the products can be cut or overlapped.
  • 2" (50mm) thick foam body with durable EVA skin
  • Ribbed inner surface to form-fit for a variety of round columns
  • Belt recesses to allow for easy installation with no tools
  • Easily modified to fit most round columns.
  • Add pieces for larger columns; cut pieces for smaller columns