18" Lime Traffic Cone Black Base

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Lime Green Traffic Cones - 18"

Buy these durable 18" lime traffic cones for use in directing traffic for construction sites, as an alert for road hazards, or as markers for parking lots and sporting events. These high visibility PVC injection molded cones are tough so they will last you a long time. Even after being run over by a truck they can rebound back to their original shape. These traffic cones won't separate from their base and have a rubber base that is designed to grip the road. Their design keeps them stable so they won't be blown over by winds and stackable for storage.

18" Lime Green Traffic Cone Details:

  • Very competitively priced
  • One of the most durable on the market today.
  • Softer base makes them flexible and long lasting
  • Cones meet MUTCD specifications for maximum day and night visibility.
  • They rebound back to their original shape after impact or compression
  • Their brilliant fluorescent lime color helps attract immediate attention
  • Made of recycled material and recyclable
  • Stackable stackable for storage.
  • MASH Accepted and Meets MUTCD Standards.
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