18" Indoor Corner Dome Mirror

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Item Number: ONV-270-18
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Detailed Description

Corner Dome Mirror - 18"

This dome mirror is used for mounting on an outside corner of a 4-way intersection to provide a view of all directions. The 270 Degree dome serves the same purpose as afull dome mirror except that it is not centrally located in an intersection. Typically these corner dome mirrors get used in areas with narrow aisles or in the lobby of a building. They are an excellent choice for those outside 90 corners.

Corner Dome Mirror Details:

  • Visibility Range: 270 degrees of visible area up to 18'
  • Size: 18" Indoor Corner Dome Mirror
  • 3/4" Thick Acrylic
  • Shatter Resistant 
  • Cost Effective
  • Mounts to an outside 90 degree wall

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