18" Indoor Acrylic Mirror w/Safety Border

Blind Spot Mirror - 18" Convex Mirror w/Safety Border
Item Number: SCVI-18Z-SB
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Detailed Description

Convex Blind Spot Mirror

These convex blind spot mirrors include a black and yellow safety border to draw attention of drivers and makes for a safer environment. The convex mirrors are excellent for pedestrian walkways, parking garages and loading docks. The convex mirrors are adjustable to different angles to allow an optimal line of sight.

Choosing a Convex Mirror for Blind Spot Visibility.

When selecting an indoor convex mirror, the size of the convex mirror is an important consideration since it determines the viewing area and is critical for determining blind spot view. Typically, a 30” diameter convex mirror equals 30’ of viewing area. Convex mirror lens material is also very important. Acrylic is lighter and brighter. It is safer than glass and it won’t shatter. Another important factor to consider is the backing of the convex mirror and its mounting hardware. This convex mirror uses only heavy-duty metal mounting brackets and premium hardboard convex mirror backing for longlasting durability. Adding caution stripes around border is another excellent addition for pedestrian walkways, parking garages and loading docks.

Convex Mirror Details:

  • 18" Safety Border Caution Mirrors.
  • Lightweight
  • Fade Proof
  • Unbreakable
  • Eliminates Blind Spots
  • Made in America

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