10' Watchman Collision Avoidance System Battery Power

10' Watchman Collision Avoidance System Battery Power
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Detailed Description

Forklift Collision Avoidance System

There are an estimated 68,000 forklift accidents each year. These accidents injure 90,000 workers, disrupt operations, create workers compensation claims and cause property damage costing companies millions of dollars. Many of these accidents are caused by collisions between forklifts and overhead equipment such as rollup doors, canopies, conveyors, walls, sprinklers, pipes, ducts and other fixtures. Now, you can drastically reduce costly repairs and injuries, caused by these accidents with the patented Watchman Collision Avoidance System.The Watchman serves as a visual and audio deterrent that warns forklift operators and management of potential collisions between forklifts and fixtures before they happen. Make forklift safety a priority at your facility with the Watchman.

How it works:

The Watchman installs in front of overhead doors, warehouse doors, commercial garage doors, racking or virtually any fixture in a factory or warehouse. Impact with the Watchman tube triggers a loud alarm and flashing red lights. This warns the driver to immediately STOP and alerts management of the the incident

Red lights and 105 decibel alarm activate on impact for either
4 or 8 seconds (user selectable).

Safety Yellow Tubing:
Safety yellow ABS tubing resists fading and cracking.

Battery Power:
The WATCHMAN uses standard alkaline batteries.
Batteries will normally last between 1 and 2 years in normal
operation. Changing batteries is quick and easy

AC Powered Option:
The WATCHMAN can be operated with a standard
115VAC power supply.

Easy to Install:
WATCHMAN tubes come preassembled with eye bolts.
Units are hung from above using aircraft cable.

Remote Notification:
The WATCHMAN provides a dry contact output. Upon impact
this output can activate another device such as an external
light or alarm.

Available Lengths: The WATCHMAN is available in lengths of 8 and 10.