Wobblelight® 36" 400w

Wobblelight® 36
Item Number: 111104
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Detailed Description

Wobblelight® 36" 400 watts

The 36" tall Wobblelight® is ideal for applications requiring temporary high-output lighting in areas from 15 to 110 feet diameter. Bright and dependable, the self-righting Wobblelight® delivers maximum light output in a highly durable and portable package with no hot surfaces.

  • Counter-weighted self-righting design
  • Floating shock system protects bulb from impact
  • Low heat output, no hot surfaces that can cause burns
  • Convenience receptacle for connecting units in series
  • 360° lighting adjustable to 180° with optional reflector
  • High-impact thermoplastic housing and lens
  • No set-up — plugs into 120VAC supply
  • 40,000 Lumens, 400 Kilowatts, Metal Halide
  • Lamp life - 20000 hrs w/50 ft - 110 ft lighting range.